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Project Administration BibEval

In order to use the Project Administration you need to log into your CHeval user account. If you do not yet have a user account, you can register here for free.

General information about customizing BibEval, the completion of the criteria catalogue and the interpretation of evaluation results can be found on the corresponding pages.

The main advantage of using the Project Administration, rather than BibEval without a registration, is that this allows you to save preliminary results during an evaluation and to re-use your extant criteria catalogues for subsequent evaluation projects. Project Administration is designed to lead you step by step through the process of an evaluation with BibEval.

In a first step new projects can be created in "My projects" (login required). All you need to do is enter a project name and the URL of the website to be evaluated. Projects already in existence can be managed here as well.  However, this applies only to projects of which you are the project manager or one of the project assistants. Projects to which you were only invited as an evaluator can be accessed through "My criteria catalogues" (login required).

After creating a project you will be redirected to a summary page ("Evaluation data"). This page gives you an overview of the steps to be taken for conducting an evaluation with BibEval, and it updates you on the current status of your project. Here you can also name project assistants.  (Project assistants may e.g. adjust the criteria catalogue of a project or invite evaluators.)

Next you configure the evaluation criteria for your project via the tab "Criteria catalogue". For this you either re-use the criteria catalogue of one of your previous evaluations, or you create one from the complete criteria list of BibEval.

Next you define the evaluation period via the tab "Participants". This means that you specify a date range during which your evaluators have access to your criteria catalogue and can carry out their evaluation of your chosen website. In this section you also name and invite your evaluators by e-mail. There are default texts stored in the system, which you can adjust to your specific purposes via the "Correspondence"-tab.

Evaluation reports can be generated via the tab "Reports". The available formats for reports are PDF, CSV and HTML. This section also allows you to check how far your evaluators have progressed in their completion of the criteria catalogue.